David tells us “We rescued Sammy via his foster home in Peterborough in December 2005.
He was a lovely gentle soul and he was loved and admired by everyone who met him.

Although we have owned five other dogs, including.two Springers and another Goldie, Sammy and I forged a
special bond because I retired during the time that I owned him and we spent a lot of time together.

Sammy was over 13yrs. After having a lovely, happy and active life with myself and my wife Ann, I am very
sad to have to report he developed a tumour in one of his legs and was gently put to sleep on the 19th May 2017,
a day before he should have been joining us on our annual trip to Dorset. Although we still went on holiday, we
missed him terribly because we had never been there without him.

As I quite like writing poems, I dedicated this one to him but, every time I read it, my wife dissolves into tears.

I will miss you Sammy, my lovely friend
 You were always there to comfort me
With your warm eyes and friendly face
Even at the end

You were our constant companion and never left our side
   Along country lanes and up grassy slopes or just watching the tide
There were many people who stopped to say hello
But it was you they really wanted to know

Our journey this time Sammy just won't be the same
You tried to make it but your old legs couldn't stand the pain
You'll never be forgotten dear friend and however hard we try
We can never say goodbye.


Throughout the 12 yrs that we owned him, he remained fit and healthy until the very end so, when it
was revealed that he had developed a tumour in his front right leg and he was unable to walk, in view of his age
the Vet advised us it was kinder to let him go.

He died in my arms on the 19th May this year, the evening before our regular trip to Burton Bradstock where,
over the years, he became quite well known.

However, he really preferred the countryside to the sea and would be happy only if he got just his feet wet!
His very first visit to a Pub was quite traumatic as he had, obviously, never been to one before but we
eventually coaxed him in and he soon became a regular!.The Landlord at the time still remembers the
occasion and was very upset to hear that that he has left us.

Sammy was very special and we miss him so much. We may, in time, consider another Goldie but he or she
would have to be a golden colour to save any comparison with Sammy.
Thank you to Irish Retriever Rescue for introducing us to a super dog”.
It is always so hard to say farewell to those who have shared our lives for so long but giving our special
friends a dignified and gentle passing is the last act of love we can give them.

Thankyou so much to Ann and David for looking after our Sammy so well for twelve, happy years
and for loving him so much.

Sammy had a good, long life although no amount of time is ever long enough or any age old enough
for our special friends. 

For sure, he is now running free in the garden which lies beyond Rainbow Bridge.



SAMMY was a very skinny, neglected golden retriever also fostered by Claire and her family in Northampton.
Like Harvey another of her foster dogs, he was also very successfully rehomed and went to live with
Ann and David in the South of the UK.

2017 Irish Retriever Rescue