It was eleven years ago, that a two year old Ben bounced into the lives of Anne
and Mike. They remember “It was 26th March 2006 and, as soon as we met this
big cuddly bear, we knew we would love him forever”.

Mike tells us “Ben passed away on Friday 23rd June. He was looking out into the
garden whilst laying in our arms. He was never ill and it was just old age that took him from us.
We miss him so much but have so many fantastic memories of our wonderful dog.

One of our best memories of him is when we took him on holiday, six months after we
adopted him. We went to Woolacombe Bay. As soon as we got on to the beach, he
chased sea gulls all along to the other end. It was about a mile and so funny
we still talk about it now.

Anne and I can never thank you enough for bringing Ben into our lives. He has been a
joy from the very first day and has never once been a problem. We loved him to bits”.

Remembering 2006, IRR had a bumper year for dogs called Ben so we had tried
to find ways of distinguishing them. In Ben’s case, we christened him Reubens
(after the racing driver) but, of course, Anne and Mike immediately shortened it back
to Ben which, of course, suited him so much better. He was a lovely boy and we
were delighted he had found such a brilliant forever home in Oxfordshire.

We know how devastated Anne and Mike are and how empty their lives have suddenly
become, as they both loved Ben so much. We can only send them our most
sincere condolences and thank them for giving Ben such a wonderful, long and happy life.

2017 Irish Retriever Rescue