Sue wrote to us on the evening of Sunday 22nd October 2017 with devastating news saying
“Well, I didn't expect to be writing another email to you quite so soon but, sadly, yesterday, we had to
say “goodbye” to our beautiful girl, Molly. 

She had been poorly for the last few weeks but a scan revealed this week that she had extensive cancer on
her liver and in her chest, as well as fluid on either side of her diaphragm and she was rapidly deteriorating.

We were all with her at the time but are heartbroken, once again.

She was the most gentle and the friendliest of dogs you could ever hope to have and she is greatly missed
already.  We are all so sad but are trying hard to remember all the wonderful times and the joy she brought to us.

Again, we thank IRR for bringing her into our lives”.

We are all really sorry to hear the very sad news about Molly and so soon after Bobby too but, if
nothing else, they are together again, fit and healthy at Rainbow Bridge.

The family did all they could but Molly chose her time and she passed peacefully in loving arms
as her brother had done before her back in February

Our thoughts go out to Sue, Chris and the family as Molly’s loss will have brought back the recent
passing of their beloved Bobby which means double the heartache for them.

Thankyou to you all for giving Molly eleven wonderful years with you and for giving her all the
extra cuddles she needed when Bobby passed.

Go be with him now, lovely lady.



Molly has really blossomed now into a very affectionate, lovely girl and has calmed down a lot, although
she still has her cheeky side to her. She has just learnt to swim! Previously she would just paddle whilst Bobby
was being a dolphin but now she is right in there with him.

Bobby is adorable and has an amazing bond with our son, Tom. He is still a bit nervous around new people
but I think Molly has helped him as she just wants to roll over for anyone and everyone!

We took them to Crosby at the weekend and they had a great time on the beach. It was ages before they would sit
still long enough for me to take the photos!



�2017 Irish Retriever Rescue