CASSIE (was Maeve)


One month on, a bereft Ann could barely say the words “Cassie has gone”

She had come so far. Thankfully, with love and patience, the horrible scars of abuse on her sad but still lovely
face gradually began to fade as her confidence grew and the once painfully shy, clearly mistreated girl had
turned into a beautiful, outgoing lady who thought everyone should speak to her. In fact, she would be quite
offended by anyone who didn’t stop and make a fuss of her.

Despite her transformation, just occasionally, there would be a flash back to her sad past like on the day, a
couple of weeks before her death, when she heard a strange man speaking in a gruff voice and instantly
froze in terror, hiding behind her mum. Fortunately, the sound of Ann’s voice immediately snapped her out of it
and she was back to normal again but it was an upsetting reminder of how things had been for
her in the bad old days.

After a wonderful life with her forever mum, sadly, the ravages of time took their toll and Cassie began to\
suffer with arthritis, for which she was medicated. It was well managed but, worryingly, she then developed
a tumour in her mouth. It grew quickly and Cassie’s appetite diminished. An operation at her age, approaching
or maybe even beyond 14yrs, was not a kind option so Ann was left with no choice.

The vet came to the house on Friday 30th June and Cassie passed quickly whilst cuddled by Ann. She was,
clearly, more than ready to go to Rainbow Bridge to be reunited with her old Greyhound friend, Mick.

Ann said “I have lost someone very special. At the moment it is still too painful to bear but, one day, the sadness
will be replaced by nothing but happy memories of a wonderful, loyal companion. Goodbye lovely lady.
Thankyou for being my best friend”.


Three months after her passing, Ann, who still finds it painful to talk, remembers Cassie.

Unlimited TLC, judicious amounts of bribery and the help of friends and their dogs started bringing Cassie
out of her shell.

She, then, extended the paw of friendship to other dogs and women and, eventually, to most men.

She loved her walks especially those by the river where she would lay in the shallows for a cool massage,
followed by a brisk shake and an energetic roll in the grass.

She also liked being in the garden. The routine began with her bouncing out of the back door, loudly announcing
she was now patrolling her patch, then getting down to work. Does the soil need loosening here? or should I
dig a planting hole there? She divided the snowdrops very effectively.

She became a loving and faithful companion but I was always her comfort blanket when problems arose that
reminded her of the terrible past traumas that she had endured.

Once again, the tears are coming. I have so much love for my special girl

Thankyou to IRR. I am so glad she was given that second chance and that I was the one
fortunate enough to adopt her. Ann


In 2007, MAEVE (pronounced MAVE) was probably, at least, 3yrs old and had been used as a breeding
bitch. She was, clearly, an excellent mum as she adored Merlin and Minstrel and was very gentle with them.
She also came across from Ireland with their mum Maisie
Maeve came to us through the ISPCA and had been spayed and vaccinated in Ireland.
She was absolutely terrified of men and scared of most strangers (male and female). She bore the horrible
scars of abuse on her lovely but very sad face.

Her coat was greasy and horrible but she looked, and must have felt, better after a professional grooming session.
Everyone who meets her loves her to bits.  She is desperate for love, bless her. 

Apparently, the granddaughter from next door came in to meet Maeve.

The little girl, Holly, is dog mad, and Val was concerned that she would be a bit 'much' for Maeve but she couldn't
have been more wrong. As soon as she saw her, Maeve's tail started wagging and she went straight to Holly,
and hasn't left her side since............................she absolutely adores her.

So, somewhere in Maeve's sad past, there must have been happy times with a little girl.


Cassie has settled in really well with Ann and her Mum in Somerset. She now has a friend, Mick, the rescue greyhound, to play with and her skin is improving all the time. She loves her food and her walks and is a very affectionate girl. She is still wary around strangers, especially men but, once she knows you, you have a friend for life. She is being totally spoilt but, who cares? She deserves to be after all she has been through.


2017 Irish Retriever Rescue