Diane tells us “John and I are feeling rather low as we lost our wonderful Brucie on the
21st July, a day before our son’s birthday.

Brucie had a nasty lump on his right side which was getting quite large. Luckily, it did
not bother him as he was so very laid back but the vet was worried that, in time, it
might burst which would mean there would be such a lot of bleeding for him to endure.
She decided that the only kind decision was for him to be put to sleep
before he started to suffer. 

He was 13yrs and we had him for 9 wonderful years. Brucie really was so special. 
It has hit my husband really badly as he now has bad memory loss and he is only partly
sighted. Brucie was able to help John get around.   

Of course, there will never be another Brucie but we just hope another boy comes along
soon as we have a lot of love to give.

There are lots of lovely photos of my Brucie on my Face book page and I have
managed to find and frame a beautiful photo of Brucie with Bridie from
when Jackie fostered him. 

For sure, Brucie is now running free over Rainbow Bridge and is happily reunited with
all his old IRR friends”.

We were all so sorry to hear about the loss of dear sweet Brucie. How can 9 years go
in the blink of an eye like that? Although going beyond 13yrs is attaining a very good age,
no amount of time is ever long enough.

It is always so hard to say farewell to those who shared our lives and occupied our
every thought and especially to have to make that last brave decision even though you
know it is going to break your heart. It is the last act of love we can bestow on them

Fly with the angels, dear Brucie.


Bruce was going to be 4yrs in April 2008. He was a lovely gentle boy who looked older
than his 4 years. He was a light gold with a massive coat. We had been told he
was excellent with children, never been in contact with cats, was housetrained and
was good on the lead. He was a great traveller. Although he didn't like to get into the car,
he enjoyed the ride once he was on the move. He even got on really well with other
dogs. Despite all this, he was still a surrender:((

Bruce was neutered He needed to lose a couple of kilos in weight. We thought he
may have a torn cruciate ligament on the back right leg but, after X-rays and two vets
opinions, it was just some soft tissue damage and, fortunately, there was nothing
broken. At the time, all he needed was lots of rest and short gentle walks. He
really was the most beautiful, affectionate dog.


Jackie here, Brucie's fosterer ..............Well, Bruce has arrived, but you wouldn't know really. He is so quiet and laid back it's unbelievable. He just adores attention and is so gentle, you could sit there all day stroking him and he wouldn't get fed up with it. If you stop, he nudges you with his nose as much as to say " come on don't stop now" lol.

I took him on a short walk today and had no problems, he does not pull on the lead.

He does need to lose a few pounds but, with gentle exercise and a good diet and not too many tidbits that can soon be remedied.

He is getting on great with Bridie, he had a good sniff of her and quite fancied her lol. Julia, a friend of Gwen's, who very kindly transported Brucie to me, said that and I quote lol "Bridie was Brucie's Little Bonus"hee hee. Poor man can only dream of that now, as he was castrated just before he came over from Ireland. Bruce is not really sure of my male Shih Tzu, Gizmo, who is 13 yet, although, after the initial meeting, they have pretty much ignored each other. Bruce is the one in the front of the pic.

Bruce ate well tonight, after his long journey, and seems to have settled in fine. He is fast asleep at the moment bless him................................He is a real darling of a boy.

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Brucie & Friends 2/16/08



Diane says, "When Brucie first came to us he settled in straight away and knows that he is part of the family. He is a very loving boy and loves all the fuss and attention.

When he is off the lead in the nearby field he can show a surprising turn of speed,
his initial leg problem is now completely better.

He has made three special doggy friends, Mollie, Abbie and Rosie.
We walk with them most mornings. He really loves his walks.

If allowed, he would chase after any cat we come across but whilst walking the other day we met a man walking his dog and cat. The dogs greeted each other in the normal way and the cat sat disinterested, on the pavement. When we finished our chat Brucie nodded politely to the cat and we went our separate ways!

Brucie loves it here and we love him to bits. He now has a special home.

We would like to say a special 'thank you' to Jackie, Jan and Lorraine for all their help".


Brucie is just a little darling! You can not imagine how quickly he has settled in. He is an absolute darling of a boy. I could go on all night about him but you well know that he is an absolute little treasure. Here he is with his two little 'girl friends'


I am Brucie and just wanted to let you know that it is nearly a year now since I came to my 'forever' home with my Mum and Dad (Diane and John)
I really love being here and I have lots of new friends, the nearest friend is Rosie who lives just two doors away. Problem is we both can not stay still long enough
to get a photo as yet (we will send one as soon as we can).
I love going to the park. I have this exciting game of chasing some small furry animals with long tails but when I get near to them, they have this amazing
trick of running up a tree!
We have two small boys that come to visit now and then. (My Mum says that they are Grandchildren)

They like to stroke me and sometimes I get a little treat (Yummy)
I love being brushed at the end of the day. My Mum enjoys it as much as I do.
I had a new mattress made for me the other day. Really comfy (my mum is a bit of an old 'sew and sew'!)

I am glad that I came here. I know that Mum and Dad are too!
Love from Brucie and Diane and John


Brucie had a good time in the snow but he then had to come in for a session with the toys!

UPDATE 13/02/2010

We cannot believe that it will be 2 years on the 16th of this month that we have had Brucie. The time has really flown. He has brought so much fun into our lives.  Very shy and quiet when we first had him, still quiet but 'oh, so cheeky'.

He loves people and people just love him.  (He loves being told 'oh you are so handsome')

Has this new trick of sitting behind me on the computer.  Tried for ages to write this, finally made it after numerous nudges from you know who!

His favourite trick is refusing to budge when we have the snow. (Is it possible to have a snow dog?)

He is our wonderful boy and we are so lucky to have him.

Must go now as he is getting ready to jump up behind me again!!!!

Love from Diane, John and Brucie

UPDATE 14/02/2010

At last we have managed to get some photos of Brucie and friend Rosie, it took a few treats as you can see but we got there in the end.  Rosie is also a rescue dog from the Springer Spaniel rescue.   They really are the very best of friends.

             As they live only two doors away, they are constantly sitting ouside one anothers houses once they have been on their walks.  Rosie loves to visit us as we have lots of toys and Brucie likes to visit Rosie as he likes to play with her toys!

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