DAISY is a neutered, 18mth old golden retriever bitch. We were asked to help in her rehoming when her owner, who had already rescued her, was no longer able to care for her.

She went into foster with Anne and Trevor in Somerset but, within a couple of days, they decided that she was the forever girl for them.

Anne tells us “When Daisy joined our family in April 2008 aged 18 months old, we had
Bella (our son’s dog) a black Flat Coat who was 2.5 years old, living with us and
 in the September following Daisy’s arrival we were joined by Jasper a GR puppy.

The three dogs all had a happy life together – visiting one of our caravans in Cornwall,
having days on the beach and swimming with friends. They joined in and won prizes in
many of the classes at IRR Reunions when we camped at the site in Corston. 

Bella was known for her Waggy Tail and was awarded The Happiest Worker in one of the
Obedience classes.

Two years ago we were joined by Scrumpy, another Flat Coat, who is now 4 years old.
Sadly we lost Bella (aged 12yrs) in August when we were in Cornwall

Bella has left a big void in our home. As pack leader, she led the way and the others
were lost when she left, though they have now adapted and it is quite nice to come
home to a quiet house as Bella always led the greetings when anyone arrived.”


Anne said "Daisy is lovely. She met the boys in the field this morning, 4 year old Woody and 18month old Twiggy - both goldies. She was a bit shy at first - but soon got used to them! I am looking forward to having a longer walk with them so they get to know each other better, because I envisage Twiggy and Daisy being great friends."

Daisy has already experienced life "under canvas" at Scout Camp and gets on really well with the other dogs especially Bella, the flatcoat.


Anne says, "Daisy is wonderful. We went to Cornwall at the weekend and she curled up in a sunlounger with our neighbours 6 year old daughter. She retreived a ball endlessly for their 9 year old son. She loved the beach and the water. I still have to teach her to come back when I call her as, at the moment, there are too many other interesting smells and things to do so she only comes back when she wants to - but I always praise her for coming and give her a treat even if its taken 5 minutes and she's done an extra circuit of the field. She is less timid every day though some things scare her still. If we pick up anything large she cowers down, poor thing - so its lots of cuddles and reassurance. We're off on holiday for a week next weekend so lots of walks on the beach, barbecues with friends, lots of dogs to meet and games to play."

"We are really taken with our little girl."

2018 Irish Retriever Rescue