On Monday 17th July, Lucy shared her very sad news with us with us “My beloved Elias
was put to sleep today. He was 11 and a half and, although he was diagnosed
with an inoperable bladder tumour in December 2016, he did really well until the
last couple of days.

He was an amazing dog, full of character and love. I have lovely memories of him.

Here is a pic of him taken yesterday and one in happier days.



In 2010, Rex was a 4 year old Labrador who was surrendered to IRR
through no fault of his own.

His previous owner said. "He is very good with kids and other dogs. Not sure if he is good with cats because there are none around us. However, Sandie did say that he didn't bat an eyelid at any of the cats at Jerry's kennels. He is very playful. He is house trained but prefers to be outside as much as possible. Walks brilliantly on the lead. Very good around strangers would be great with anyone. He is an all round lovable dog."

Rex has now been neutered and is currently in a foster home in Oxfordshire.


We met Rex off the van on Thursday, and he seemed a little confused, understandably, but settled down in our car for the short ride home. Judy was very pleased to seem him, and they got on once she had shown him who was boss. But he is a well behaved boy, extremely affectionate and friendly with people and dogs. In situations when we met other males who fancied themselves as dominant, he yielded to them and even showed a little timidity. He is taller than many labs, and quite slim. He is just 4 years old, weighs about 30kg. and is 60cm to the withers.

Rex was neutered when he arrived and does not show any particular interest in his sensitive parts. He ate his meals well, but went to Judy's bowl before she had finished, so we feed them apart from each other now. He also helped himself to a packet of tea cakes off the kitchen counter. Other than that he is well behaved in the house - he does not climb on chairs or the bed unless someone is in it already, then it can be hard to dislodge him, but only because he is so cuddly! I believe he thinks he is a little puppy who wants to curl up on your lap. I think this was the first time he had encountered stairs and styles, but now he just takes them in his stride.

He is quite lively out for walks (we keep him on a long lead) and I do not think he would run off as he likes company too much. Apart from other dogs he has met children and did not frighten them. As we do not have children in the house I cannot say how he would get on with them in close quarters. The same goes for cats. I would say he is definitely a family dog, especially a household where there is usually someone around to give him a bit of attention - and keep an eye on him.


 Rex has now gone to his forever home with Lucy in Somerset. He is being a very good boy and is extremely chilled. He is already responding to his new name, Elias. 


Lucy says. "I got Elias on the 10th February, from fosterers Julie and Ken who loved him to bits! It was the first time I have had a dog, so it has been a learning experience, to say the least! Luckily, I had Pauline at IRR to guide me, listen to my anxieties and give me rescue remedy when I needed it!

Elias (previously Rex) had a few health niggles when he came, he had ear ulcers, conjunctivitis and a bit of a nasty tooth infection but he has had an operation to remove the tooth offenders, and is now back on form with a vengeance!

He is the loveliest dog, and although I know I am biased, VERY handsome. He must know this because he smiles at people who tell him this, and many do! He is very affectionate and loving, and follows me around the house. He is very playful, we have just started Dog training (I think more like human training in my case!) and he has been declared a ‘cracking dog’ by the lady who runs the course and he is very pleased with himself!

So, all in all, I’d say a success story all round for IRR. With thanks and gratitude for such a lovely boy, and pics included to show him at his lovely best!"


2017 Irish Retriever Rescue