Vinnie, her heartbroken owner, tells us Charlie Girl has passed peacefully over
Rainbow Bridge. They had been together for exactly five years.
Fly with the angels, Charlie Girl xx


Charlie Girl is 7 years old. She was very reluctantly surrendered because of her owner’s illness.

Ist Report from Ireland: May 2012

Charlie Girl is not used to cats or children; she has never had much contact with either. She walks on a halti and she is spayed.

Fosterer’s 1st report: May 2012 – UK

When Charlie Girl arrived she was fine; very excited to be here. She was reported to have travelled very well and on arriving at our home she quickly settled down.

Charlie is a fairly confident Girl who is easy going. She can become quite excitable and loves to play ball. She also likes to do a friendly playful howl during play which is lovely. She doesn’t jump up at you, and on meeting you she will sit at your side.

Charlie is not food possessiveness but she is very aware if there is food around, so it’s important to keep an eye on her to make sure she isn’t eating anything she shouldn’t.

She has been around our Children with no problems at all. She is extremely keen to get to our rabbits and has jumped a 3ft fence to get to them.

We haven’t encountered other Dogs out walking yet, although she is completely ok with Gracie my dog.

Charlie walks well on a lead and appears to be well trained. She is house trained and has had no accidents so far. She has been left in the house with no problems so far.

She hasn’t been cat tested.

Charlie hasn’t attempted to get on the sofa or the bed as of yet. She doesn’t bark to the doorbell and is not scared of noises like the hoover. She likes to be groomed. She sleeps well at night.

She will give you her paw too if requested.



Fosterer’s 2nd report: May 2012

Charlie has gone to her forever home. They all seemed very happy as they left.


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