GOODBYE TOO SOON (22.8.2017)

On Thursday 24th August, we were given some tragic news about 5yr old Bond.

After battling for several months with an auto immune disease and appearing to have turned
a corner, Bond suddenly went downhill fast and passed over Rainbow Bridge on the evening
of Tuesday 22nd August. Needless to say, Sandra and Owen are absolutely devastated
and totally numb.

It was especially shocking news as the very handsome Bond had been extremely fit and,
since a pup, had thoroughly enjoyed successfully taking part in Agility competitions like his
15yr old Springer friend Casey had done before him and alongside his IRR siblings Brian who
is now 10yrs and 2yr old Meme Rose.

We first heard about his problems in mid July when Sandra told us “Bond has been seriously ill.
He has been diagnosed with Auto Immune Disease. Five weeks ago, his blood levels
dropped to 11.94 and he was admitted to Davies Veterinary Specialists for a blood transfusion.
He spent 4 nights in there. Since he has been home, his levels have risen slowly
and were 34.40 today (19th July).

Unfortunately, Bond has lost a lot of weight and muscle tone as a result of being on the
steroids. He is on puppy food to help build his weight back up. Our Vet is now talking
to the Specialist about changing the medication to reduce the muscle loss. We have no idea
what has caused this or how long it will be before he will be fully fit again. He is happy in himself
but he can't do all the things he loves to do.

As you can imagine it has been a very worrying few weeks”.

We heard from Sandra again a few days later on Monday 31st July saying “Bond had a bit of a
setback last week and had to return to the Specialist. He had another transfusion on Friday
and was discharged today. His blood level is now 32%. He had pancreatitis which they
think was due to the medication upsetting his gut and causing a problem this time. They have
now reduced the meds and he seems much happier in himself so, now, we just have to get
his weight back on”.

Everyone was feeling much more positive and, with Bond appearing to gradually perk up, nobody
was prepared for him to suddenly go downhill on 22nd August.

Belinda and Terry, who had fostered Bond as a little puppy, were very upset but were grateful to
have been able to see Bond, apparently fit and healthy, for one last time when Sandra and Owen
had a couple of days holidy in the West Country at the end of May.

Belinda and Nigel with Dolly, his litter sister, were also shocked and saddened by the news
especially as they had been unable to attend the meeting in Gizzie’s field on 28th May where Bond
had been with the rest of his family and that meant the siblings didn’t have what would
have been one last enjoyable rough and tumble together. Although they probably only met up
about once a year, they always got on really well and were very happy to see each other.

Bond was a really wonderful dog, both clever and friendly, who is going to be very much missed
by everyone who knew him but especially by Sandra and Owen who absolutely adored him and
are finding it very hard to come to terms with his loss at such a young age.


(was Puppy No 7)


Bond's Mum, Bella, was surrendered in Ireland due to a change in family circumstances. She is a Retriever mix and looks as though she has been crossed with a cocker spaniel, and she is quite small, about 14 inches.

It seems Bella was in heat while she was in the dog pound and nature ran its course. IRR had no idea when Bella came to the UK she was already pregnant and it wasn’t until her adoptive family took her to the vet for a check up a few weeks after her adoption, it was discovered she was due to give birth within 2 weeks. On 5th August 2012 Bella gave birth to 7 beautiful puppies.

The puppies are now ready to go to their Forever Homes.

Puppy No 7 is currently being fostered in Somerset. He is very bright and happy and full of fun. He loves to race around the garden chasing the adult dogs in the household – who are not always too keen to play with him!  He gets on well with visiting children (aged 10+).  He hasn’t met the family cat yet but he has got used to the chickens.
He has been fully vaccinated.

Fosterer's 2nd Update: November 2012

Bond (was Puppy No 7) has really come out of his shell and is totally ‘one of the girls’. As soon as the back door is opened he rushes out to the garden with whichever dogs are going out. He is very keen to play with them but unfortunately they don’t respond and occasionally they tell him off, when he becomes submissive. But he soon leaps all over them trying to get them to play again.
Housetraining is coming along – not so many accidents in the house now and clean all night in his crate.
He eats well and sits when his meal is being prepared. He has been on several walks and is very enthusiastic. He doesn’t appear to be frightened by traffic and took no notice of the fireworks last night.
No 7 gets on well with all our dogs and with other dogs he has met and is friendly and outgoing with humans. He loves children. He has shown an interest in our cat but has not had any contact yet – I think she will tell him off if he decides to try to play with her. He is very loving and quite mischievous – he will grab the television remote control and run behind the sofa, making sure you are following him!
He has loads of energy and would benefit from a home with another dog, and someone at home with him who can help him become the loving and handsome fellow he will grow into. He is very responsive, particularly when treats are on offer!

November 2012:

Bond (Was puppy number 7) has gone to his forever home

Sandra and Owen came and collected Bond today.
We had taken him on Friday to meet his new brothers and sisters (all 5 of them) and he got on really well with them, particularly with Brian (one of Connie's sons) and Harley their two IRR dogs. I must say, even with our five, our house seems very empty without him - but I know that Sandra and Owen will keep us in touch with his progress.

Report from Sandra - February 2013

Bond has settle into the family well, he respects the older dogs, terrorises the spaniel, loves playing with Harley and adores Brian. He has his meals with the older dogs, he knows where his place is and sits and waits for his food like the others and doesn't start until he is told . Bond normally tell us when needs the toilet, so we have had very few accident, nothing major. He'll sit by the back door, occasionally he'll come and nudge me, but the best way to get our attention is to yawn loudly, two yawns means he needs the toilet.

He sleeps through the night, but we did have a few problems to start with. After a few weeks of him getting us up 3 or 4 time each night we got it sorted , or should I say he sorted the problem. Bond loves human company and although he had the other dogs with him during the night that wasn't enough. He would go to bed, no problem, then after two or three hours he would bark and cry. Each time this happened one of us would come downstairs and put him out for the toilet, then back to sleep for another 2 hours or so. If one of us slept on the sofa, no problem. So one night, just before Christmas we decided to try taking him upstairs with us. We took a bed and put it beside ours and that's where he slept all night, not waking until the morning and that's where he has slept every night since.

Bond loves everybody and everybody loves him. He is very affectionate and loves his cuddles. He loves to sleep next to one of us, either on the floor, sofa and if he's lucky our bed (Yes, he is spoilt).

He is very quick to learn and loves going to his puppy obedience classes. After only 3 lessons in the puppy class his has progressed to Juniors. His heel work is amazing. He comes back when he is called not only by name but also to the whistle. He loves to chase a toy and will fetch and drop at your feet. He loves his runs with the older dogs in the woods and is being taught by Brian how to look for squirrels. He has been to an Agility show and enjoys looking around and meeting all the other dogs. He recalls to his name and the whistle.

The other week was great in Bonds' world, he absolutely loves the snow, he runs round and round the garden like he is being chased.

He does tend to bark at people he's not sure about when we are out for a walk, but as he gets no reaction from the other dogs he soon stops, then people just laugh and make a big fuss of him. I try to take him into town at least once a week, we go on to the banks and he enjoys all the attention he gets (funny is doesn't bark at people in town).

The last time he was weighed he was 15.25 kg. His coat has changed and he only has fluffy ears now. His coat is going to be quite long. I think he has now lost all his baby teeth, we found the first one on Boxing Day and after close inspection we think he lost the last one last week, we found 6 altogether.

Report from Sandra – April 2013

“Hello everyone, this is Bond catching you up with my news.

As you know I take Mummy training on a Friday evening, she has been very good and helped me pass The Puppy Foundation Assessment - Good Citizen. We are now in the middle class, and the other week we had to have a Grading.  Mummy was a little nervous, but I wasn't allowed to give her any treats that night. There were 10 other dogs in my class and we all had to take turns in walking around the hall. Then we all had to do a sit stay and then a down stay, without our Mummy or Daddy holding onto the lead. Mummy was good she stood very still. When we had the results I had come 2nd!!!. Mummy and Daddy were really pleased.

The fish and the frogs in the pond are very interesting. Daddy has put a cover over it to stop the cats getting the fish, it's a really good cover because it's strong enough for me to walk on. If I'm careful, I can stand in the middle and put my head through for a good look at the fish and frogs, Mummy's worried where all the frog spawn has gone!!!

The other weekend we went to a big Agility show. It was very exciting, lots of other dogs all shapes and sizes, I made a lot of new friends. My big brother Brian went clear in one class. In another class a piece of paper blew across the ring so he had to go and tidy up, the judge said Mummy could start again, I'm hoping that we'll be going again soon. 

When we last went to the vets I weighed 19kg, I’m nearly as big as Brian now.

Bye bye, lots of love and licks - Bond “

Update from Bond to his Foster Nannie and Grandad - March 2014

Hi Nannie and Grandad,

Finally Mummy has found the time to help me write to you. I can't remember when I last wrote, we have been so busy. I have so much to say, I don't know where to start.
Did I tell you that I passed my Puppy Good Citizen last year, I haven't been able to do the Bronze
test yet because we have always been busy, either for the training or the test.
At the end of August we went to the Agility show that Mummy organized for a week. It was great fun, so many other dogs all happy to be doing agility. I wanted to have a go but they said I was too young, 
Brian and Harley were able to join in the fun. We were all very good and stayed in the Caravan
and the 'garden'  Daddy had made for us.
The day after we got home from the show, the builders arrive. Mummy and Daddy were having an
extension to their kennel. Before the builders began on the kennel, they built a six foot brick wall all
the way down one side of the garden to keep us safe. The builders have just about finished the
down stairs and now Mummy has a nice big workroom with underfloor heating and Daddy has a great big garage. The builders were very nice, they shared the biscuits with us at tea break and showed us how to
walk on scaffold, Mummy was a bit shocked the day I showed her what I could do.
The neighbours just love me, although they still can't remember where the biscuit tin is. One day in the summer Mummy went over for a cup of tea and forgot to take me. I  managed to squeeze through the gate, once I had pulled back a bit of the netting. Mummy and the neighbours were sitting in the garden, so I ran to the gate and jumped up and down until they saw me. 'Oh look' said the neighbours he wants a cup of tea too (Mummy said something else). Anyway, I was allowed in and given a drink of tea.
Since that day, every time we pop in to say hello I get a cup of tea, even if Mummy does want one, and I now have my own cup. The neighbour has taught me how to give paw, this makes her very happy, and I
get another biscuit.
During the summer Mummy took me to Gun dog classes. I very good at all the heelwork stuff, but didn't like picking up those dirty old dummies. Then at the end of September Mummy told me I could start my Agility training,  I was so happy, Brain and Harley had told me all about it. We go training with a very nice lady who is actually training Mummy not me. I do exactly what I'm told, but Mummy gets lots of thing wrong,
she even fell over the other week, how embarrassing!!!  A couple of weeks ago I was allowed on the
big toys, so now I do the full size A frame and Dog Walk. We have also started doing the weaves,
which is a bit strange, we are using the channel method and at the moment all I have to do is run
between two rows of pole, this is so easy and I get lots of treats for doing it.
Last weekend Mummy was given permission to take me into the Ring, this was both scary and exciting.
Apparently it was just to practice lead out, my wait at the start. As the course made it possible for us to just run around the outside, that's what we decided to do. Mummy set me up in a wait and then walk up the course without me and stood beside the third jump, she looked at me and said the magic word, GO.
Of I went jumping all three jump on the way, (only at medium height) then it was a tunnel, I had to
check out the sand bag that was holding it in position. Mummy called me back and said tunnel again,
so through it I went like a good boy.  Then I saw the people watching, remembering what Brain and
Harley had told me, do something funny it makes them laugh and if you lie down they all go ahhh!!!.
I thought maybe I'll just go and say hello, but Mummy called me back and set us both up as if we were
at the start again, over the last three jumps, and all done, Mummy was so happy and people were
clapping us, I rather liked that idea.
On Friday night Mummy and Daddy went to the Obedience training without me, apparently it was the AGM, Mummy was very pleased because we were awarded the Runner up cup, for Best Friday grading.
Every 12 weeks they have test that's called a Grading, this determines which class you are in.
In the summer we all went to the groomers, Jay and I didn't stay all day but the other did and we all
came home looking beautiful and handsome. Harley loves the grooming lady, he has to be first in her
house and if he hears her voice at a show he runs over to say hello.
At Christmas Brian and I went to some parties, at one of them we had to 'dress up'. The party was fun,
lots of games and treats.
The last time I got weighed I was 20kg. I have more to eat each day then the others, but don't
lay around all day like them.
Sadly we had to say goodbye to Helga just before Christmas, it's very strange without her as
she was the bossy one. Brian still doesn't want to play with me, so I mostly play with Harley and
occasionally Casey, Jay is to old to play.
We were all sad to hear that you hadn't been very well Nannie, and hope that you are getting better.
We thought about you all when it kept raining so much, remembering what is was like when
Mummy and Daddy came to collect me.
I'm really looking forward to the Summer, although I've been told we are not entering any big
open shows, Mummy has promised to take me to some little one.
Apparently I'm a bit naughty sometimes!!! On a few occasions I've helped myself to things Mummy
has left lying on the kitchen worktop. The odd dog biscuit doesn't get noticed, Mummy just thinks
she didn't get enough out. But I had an empty tin the other day, and rather stupidly took it to my
bed to lick out.  The pepperoni that was in the pasta dish was rather tasty, but a bit spicy, and
Mummy had to look twice as I'd licked the dish perfectly clean. But I got caught 'big time' the other day!!!
It was the builders last day, they had been teasing Mummy about making a cake. So Mummy made a
nice Fruit cake, put it into the tin and left it on the side and went upstairs. The builders weren't looking,
so I thought I'd have a taste, Oops Mummy caught me!!! feet up on the worktop  and my long tongue
in the cake tin, in was very nice. Mummy didn't say much, but quickly put the cake in the oven to cook
and then said “don't tell them”. The builders said the cake was lovely, but only had one piece each (I wonder why).
We are apparently going to the groomers again this week, so hopefully they will take some more pictures of me for you. We also have some Agility shows this month, they are only little ones, but I'm getting very excited.
I hope they remember the camera and somebody films me. I have attached a few pictures for you.

Love to you both, and all my 'Blonde Aunties'.

Bond. XXX.


2017 Irish Retriever Rescue