TAKEN WAY TOO SOON (29th? Aug 2017)

Gill tells us her sad update on Joey the dog she adopted from IRR in 2014 (making her
a failed fosterer).

She said “Joey has lost his battle with a particularly nasty form of skin cancer which
showed up in his feet.  

Although we only had him for just over 3 years, I had never had a dog so imprinted
on me. So affectionate, he was a real velcro dog and, with us being his 3rd home in
6 years, he was understandably slow to really trust that he was going to stay. 

He was a cheeky lad who was always up for a walk, a feed, and then a cuddle in that
order. He was never happier than when on the sofa next to me, his head on my feet.

Poor Joey suffered with skin allergies and we had initially struggled to keep him
comfortable but, with great vet support, raw feeding & medication we got him happier
than he'd been for ages.

Then the cancer struck - so unfair that he had to leave us at just 9yrs old.

 However, I wouldn't change a thing apart from the end and I want to thank you all at IRR
for letting him stay with me. I will be back to you again when the time is right.
I have one Golden still, not an IRR one but a local rescue. She is very arthritic but otherwise
well at age 13yrs so we will enjoy her for the time we have left with her.
Much love to you all for the great work you still do”.

In 2014, Joey was a 6 year old male Golden Retriever who was surrendered to
IRR by his owner.

Joey is a boy who loves walks, swims and food!! He is great on the lead and
very eager to please especially if there are treats involved! He is used to living
amongst cats and gets on very well with other dogs. He adores being petted and his
favourite place is near the fireplace and he is extremely loyal and good natured. 
He does have quite sensitive skin and we would advise a hypo-allergenic diet for him.

Dream Home
Joey would love to be welcomed into a home where he can get lots of walks and
where the opportunity to swim might be available! We would not recommend that he is
rehomed where there are young children.

Fostered in: Lincolnshire

September 2014

Joey has gone to his Forever Home

2014 Irish Retriever Rescue