Maggie and Millie


Her Mum, Louise, posted “Our beautiful, beloved Maggie has gone. She had leukaemia
but hid it till her final days. I wish we'd known sooner, there was so much more I wanted
to do for her.

Run free gorgeous girlie, you've taken a big piece of my heart with you”. 

A few days later she added “Thank you to everyone for your kind messages of support,
cards and flowers after our beloved Maggie so very suddenly joined the Golden
gang at Rainbow Bridge.

Knowing so many of you understand our pain and cared about our darling girl from Cork
means more than I can say.

Millie, her sister/daughter, who we adopted with her, is obviously missing her hugely
 but the other dogs seem to be giving her comfort and she's searching and watching the
door less by the hour.

I tried to take a new photograph of the five today, but no matter how I sat/stood them,
they left a space (for Mags?) and looked so sad.

Finally, Edward the cat appeared and brought some light relief! In the past, it was only
Maggie who chased him - it looks like her legacy isn't going to be a cat tolerant one!”


Maggie and Millie are 6 year old sisters who must be rehomed together.
They are both spayed and vaccinated.

Maggie and Milly came to IRR through the Cork Society for Prevention of
Cruelty to Animals on the condition that both sisters would remain together
for the rest of their lives and that is exactly what Irish Retriever Rescue
assured them would happen. They were owned by a loving family whose
circumstances changed, and they were unable to care for them as well as they
wanted and so they needed to make sure they would be loved as much as they were before.

Maggie and Millie both have delightful personalities and are extremely
affectionate. They follow each other around and are absolutely devoted to one
another as they have lived together all their lives.

Millie is the most mischievous of the two sisters with Maggie being the quieter one.

Maggie and Millie are both housetrained and good with children and dogs.
They travel well in the car and are good on the lead. Both of them need further training
with recall! Their favourite pastime has been to chase cats!

Quite simply Maggie and Millie need a happy home together where they will
be completely loved and adored.

Maggie Millie
Maggie Millie
Maggie Millie
Maggie Millie

September 2015

Maggie and Millie have gone to live in their Forever Home

2015 Irish Retriever Rescue