Rachel and Mark have had to say a very sad “goodbye” to their lovely Hayley.
Rachel tells us “we sadly lost Hayley in the middle of September. She had had what we
thought was a successful operation to remove a haematoma on her side then enjoyed a
week’s holiday in Tynemouth with us and Max, our GSD.

Then, about 3 weeks later, the lump returned with a vengeance and, whilst undergoing
a second operation, the vet called to say her body was full of them. The prognosis he
gave was 2 weeks so we made the heart breaking decision for us, but the best decision for
her, not to bring her round.

The only good thing was she was her usual stubborn cheeky self all the way through right
up till the Sunday when she had started to become a little quieter and she passed away on
the following Wednesday.

Hayley brought so much joy into all our lives. She was really stubborn …. if she didn’t
want to go a particular way on our walk or cross a road, she would just sit there till she
felt ready to move. On our walks, she made quite a few people laugh as no amount of
treats or coaxing would budge her.

She was a morning dog and loved her 10 minutes of charging at Max first thing. She was
top dog and put him in his place but he adored her and misses her terribly.

Hayley was a daddy’s girl and knew how to get her own way, with extra treats and
cuddles in bed, and she would sit for hours by his side as long as he was tickling her ears.

We only had her for 14 months but she was a huge character and she has left a very
big hole in our lives. Even with Max here, the house just seems too quiet now.

Goodbye special girl. We will remember you forever

love Rachel, Mark and Max”.


Hayley’s story was a sad one but we were determined it would have a happy ending and it did, albeit
a shorter one than anticipated.

She was a beautiful, middle aged, golden coloured Golden Retriever who was
neutered, vaccinated, micro-chipped and passported to go to the UK.

She had been on Done Deal and was rehomed. When Hayley went to her new owner,
it was found she was in pup but the poor girl lost her puppies. Her new owner put
her in pup again and she had two beautiful Collie Crosses, which her owner kept.

Unfortunately, Hayley tended to roam and her new owner didn’t know what to do
about it or how to solve the problem so she was tied to a pole to stop her from wandering.
Our good friends in ‘Best Friends Kennels’ of Cork contacted IRR as they
thought Hayley would have a much better chance if placed in a breed rescue. Naturally,
we were more than happy to be of help to her.

Hayley was matted and was desperately in need of a good grooming session.
She was washed thoroughly and groomed and was given a nice new collar and lead. 
She leaned into Kathryn when she was washing her with a vacant expression not knowing
what lay ahead of her.

Hayley quickly trusted Kathryn and seemed to know she was being helped. No one
knows what her life was like before she was on Done Deal but we do know her life is
certainly rosy now. She looks deep into your eyes as if to say that she is
grateful for a second chance.

Hayley went to the UK and into a loving foster home withAlan and Celia where she learned to trust
and where she was fully assessed after a few days with them.


She has the gentlest of personalities and, like most Goldens, is very affectionate.
Hayley is happiest being loved. When she is awake, she loves to come and sit or lay
by you, just so you can stroke and talk to her, and she would stay like that all day if she could.


She is, generally, in very good health but poor Hayley doesn’t have the best teeth in
the world. She is being fed dry food which is slightly softened with dog gravy. She
has no problems eating this or with eating the occasional treat. She eats her food
without gulping it down and takes treats nicely.  She has no problems with drinking.


Hayley was reluctant to get in the car but, once settled, she was no problem at all.
There was no barking or anxiety and she travelled very well.
She is housetrained, well socialized and knows some basic commands. She shows
no signs of separation anxiety nor is she food or toy possessive.
Using a body harness, she walks nicely on a loose lead. Hayley does have a stubborn
streak at times whilst out walking and she will stop dead if she doesn’t want to go
where you want to take her. Hayley is very good with children but she does have
a small problem in that, when one of her fosterer’s dogs accidentally touched her
while she was asleep, she woke in a slightly distressed manner. Nothing else
comes from this and she is back to her normal self immediately but, to avoid
any accidents with younger children, it would be better to rehome her with with
older ones who could understand this or with no children at all.
Her experiences with other dogs are mixed. In Ireland, she and Mossie were good
friends and were rarely seen without each other. Whilst in her foster home, Hayley
has been fine with large dogs but small ones do seem to upset her. When her
fosterer’s daughter stayed overnight, Hayley had no problems with her Labrador
but the Cairn Terrier dashing past her seemed to be the trigger for frantic barking so
it was deemed best to keep them apart.
Whilst out walking, a small, off lead dog came running over. There were no immediate
problems but, as soon as it decided to run off, this again triggered the frantic barking
from Hayley. This is really a very small blot on an otherwise excellent copybook.
Hayley has had no contact with cats in her foster home but, apparently, she may
bark at them but will not chase them.


Hayley is a gentle soul who is desperately in need of love and understanding. She seeks
a home where she will be able to spend her days and nights as part of a family where
people truelly care about her and know how very special she is.  A home with another
steady, big dog to help her settle in would probably be to her advantage.
There is a sadness about her which is very understandable given her past and when
you look into her sad eyes you can see a happier dog wanting to come out. We are
sure, when Hayley finds her forever home, with bucket loads of love and attention,
she will flourish.

JULY 2016
Hayley has gone to live in her Forever Home.

2016 Irish Retriever Rescue