2017 Non Golden Successes

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Walter Ruby      
Iona (was Ms Bailey) Martha Joy Ahti (was Lady Bailey) Benji
Luna Nieve Ted (was Major) Fionn Darcy

I'm on the streets, I feel so cold, the one too ugly to be sold
Empty belly, sodden coat, I close my eyes and off I float
The pain is gone, I'm lifted high to be a twinkle in the sky
The angels come, their gentle wings make me think of happy things

My life on Earth not meant to be, the angels came to set me free
It's hard to be nobody's choice - no warmth, no love, no gentle voice
All's good, all's well, I must be here in Heaven so no need for fear.
Soft spoken words from him above. I'm in strong arms, cocooned by love

"Don't worry son, your safe with me. You'll soon be good as good can be".
But what is this? where am I now? Whose face has such a furrowed brow?
As I lay lifeless in my bed "It's touch and go" the vet had said
But days of tender, loving care removed my feelings of despair.

My saviour and his lovely wife, determined both to save my life,
Had found me in the nick of time and scaled the mountain hard to climb
Bit by bit they'd built me up into a healthy, happy pup
The scars remain but start to fade. Every day more progress made.

Their tears and worry hard to bear showed just how much my people care
A rescue pup, with many needs, brings great rewards for kindly deeds
They say I'm now a different dog, out with my Dad on morning jog
Playing like a real pup should, scoffing treats for being good 

No longer I'm the ugly pup. I even won a special cup
Best Rescue Dog, I have the proof. I proudly strut and give a woof
I'll sometimes dream about the past but nightmares now will rarely last
Kind rescuers came and set me free so life's as grrrrrrrrrrreat as it can be.

Poem by Jeff Shepherd














2015 Irish Retriever Rescue