Bliss is an 8yr old, spayed, Golden Retriever. As is normal, she received all the
vaccinations necessary to obtain her Pet Passport for travel to the UK where she
went into foster with Paula and her dogs.


Paula says “Bliss is a sweet, gentle natured girl and is an extremely easy, loveable dog.

She is proving to be a lovely good tempered girl ….a very easy dog to live with. She would
be happy as an only dog but is settling down and fitting in with mine now she is becoming
more relaxed around them

She is always calm and quiet in the house and still sleeps a lot although certainly not as
much as when she first arrived. Sometimes you forget she’s even there!!

As far as people are concerned, she loves everyone including children.

Bliss is polite with other dogs she meets but isn’t too bothered about them and shows
more interest in the owners.


Bliss has a good appetite but she is a bit overweight and unfit. She also has mucky ears
which have been slow to clear.

We noticed she had some stiffness and an uneven gait on her back legs. X rays have
shown arthritis in both knees and in her spine and lower back.

Her legs seem to be getting stronger every day and her mobility has definitely
improved with gentle exercise. The vet also advised Metacam  for a few days to see if it
would help so she has been on it for a few days.

Apart from the obvious weakness in her back and back legs, which would be what
you would expect from her past history, she was sleeping like a 15 year old dog! Unless
she was eating or out with Paula in the car she was sleeping!! 


TRAVEL: She is very good in the car and is happy and content travelling in a vehicle

HOUSETRAINING: Surprisingly, she is house trained and has been more or less
from day 1. She has been very clean in the house with only one accident early on.

BASIC COMMANDS: Bliss doesn’t understand the usual commands but happily
comes when called. Although she doesn’t know any basic commands, she is so
well behaved it is hardly noticeable.

LEADWALKING AND RECALL: Soon after her arrival,  Bliss  had  a short walk around
the village. She was no problem at all on the lead but, as she was quite weak on her
back legs and needed to rest after a short walk, Paula began taking her for a potter
around the field instead and it seemed to be enough for her.

She walks `loose lead’ with a body harness. Bliss looks a bit sad and resigned
when Paula puts her harness on to take her for a walk but, once out walking, she starts
to show a lot more interest in her surroundings. When she gets moving, she is fine but
she would sniff the same spot on the ground forever if you let her.!

She will come happily when called from the garden and sometimes even
manages a little run!

SEPARATION ANXIETY: Bliss shows no signs of separation anxiety. She chooses
to sleep downstairs in the lounge in front of the fire and is still stretched out in the
same spot in the morning!

RESOURCE GUARDING: Very early on, she became protective over a ball that she
had been chewing, having a go at both Jake and Mickey. Teddy kept a low profile.
Once the ball had gone there was nothing else for her to guard and she has been fine since then.

On both occasions her behaviour came as a surprise as she had been so laid back in
the house but Paula thinks it was simply all part of her settling in.

She never counter surfs and waits politely for her own dinner until you put it down
but she will snatch a treat out of your hand if you’re not careful so that would be
something to watch with very small children.

ADULTS AND CHILDREN:  Bliss has been super affectionate to all adults and children that
she has met in Paula’s home.

DOGS: Bliss was introduced to Paula’s dogs without any problems from either side. She
was non-confrontational and a well behaved  girl on the first meeting.
However, she is, clearly, unused to living with other dogs so, in the early days, she did
have a couple of issues with two of the other dogs in the household.

Paula wondered if she felt she needed to assert herself with the boys as she has shown
no interest in and has pretty much ignored Milly.

She has met Paula’s daughter’s and her Mum’s dogs and was polite but uninterested,
showing no interest in playing.


Bliss is a really lovely girl who will make someone a perfect companion. She would probably
be happy to be rehomed as an only dog or maybe with a gentle, middle aged companion.

An older couple who enjoy gentle walks would be ideal. Although she loves children,
living with small ones would really be too much for her.

Her mobility is improving every day so we think, within a few months, with gentle
exercise and with supplements for her stiffness, she should soon be enjoying life to the full!!!

2018 Irish Retriever Rescue