Dannie is a stunning, light gold coloured, pure bred male Golden Retriever who was
only 10-11months old when he came to IRR. He was groomed in Ireland, is
neutered, vaccinated and has his Pet Passport for the UK.  

Dannie came through our wonderful friends in Babydog Rescue in Ennis, Co. Clare with
whom IRR has close ties.  He is an avid escape artist and ran away so often that he
could have easily been killed.

In the UK, he went first into foster at Pat’s home along with Maddie then to Lynn in
Scotland where he is having a whale of a time and has become best friends with Charlie.

Kathryn said “His personality is delightful. He is very sweet, affectionate and
exceptionally friendly with everyone he meets. Although, only 10 or 11 months old, he
has an ’old head’ on young shoulders.

Although he exhibits puppy-like behaviour as would be expected, it is clear he has
already been educated by ‘life’, that can be a stern master. Dannie is a gorgeous dog that
simply needs lots of tender loving care and plenty of love to make him feel
welcome and needed”.
Pat said of him “Dannie is a really nice young dog who only wants to please you and to
play. He really loves chasing a ball and bringing it back. He is confident, alert and
inquisitive, playful and happy, fairly boisterous and energetic
He mixes really well with all my Golden Gang.  Dannie craves praise and just
dissolves at your feet. He needs to be trained but he is quick to learn.  Considering
his background, I think he copes really well.

The highlight of his days are his walks when he takes note of everything. He can
be a bit heavy on the lead sometimes and he will also just plod along by your side
but he has so much potential.

Dannie is just a young happy boy who has so much to give. He is going to make a lovely,
lovely dog for some lucky family”.

Lynn describes him as a lively, playful, cheeky boy, desperate for affection, with lots of
love to give. She says “He is respectful but sometimes just bursts with excitement.
He is eager to please and does listen. Dannie is an all round good dog in the making”.

Both Pat and Lynn say Dannie is in good health, a little on the lean side but body
condition will come in time. He has clean ears, clear eyes, fresh breath, brilliant teeth,
good condition skin, good bone and muscle. He does have very slightly splayed
feet which should tighten in time. Toiletting is fine.
TRAVEL: Dannie travels well
BASIC TRAINING: He has no basic training but Lynn has taught him “sit” and he is learning recall.
HOUSETRAINING: He is almost housetrained and rarely has an accident
LEADWALKING: Lynn says walking on a slip lead, he pulls a bit at the start but
soon settles.
  RESOURCE GUARDING: Pat says “We had one incident. He had managed to get the
lid off the big heavy bin where I keep wholemeal terrier meal. It was almost full. He had
his whole head in the bin, scoffing down the biscuit as fast as he could, being a bit
grumbly whilst doing so. He was stopping for nobody but, once he couldn’t eat any more,
he cleaned up the floor, came over to the door, sat down and looked up at me wagging
his tail. By this time he looked like a beach ball and I was concerned so kept a watchful
eye on him. Thankfully, he suffered no ill effects apart from a loose tummy the next day”.

Pat was a bit shocked by his behaviour as, previously, he was taking food from her hand
very gently and giving up whatever he had in his mouth when asked for it but,
unfortunately, guarding a precious “find” is typical of a dog that has gone hungry in the
past. He was soon back to his happy little self and oblivious to his bad behaviour.

 Lynn says “One time he stole dog biscuits in a pack. He gave one low growl but then he
allowed me to remove them from his mouth”.

SEPARATION ANXIETY: He shows no signs of separation anxiety
ADULTS and CHILDREN: Pat found Dannie to be very friendly with both adults and children
DOGS: Pat said “Dannie is friendly and wants to play. He took a couple of days to settle
when he first arrived. He has met a few male dogs when out for a walk and has only
wanted to play with them. He hasn’t encountered any reactive dogs”.

Lynn says “He is friendly with dogs and wants to play. He has been mixing well with all my
own dogs and been out to play with all the dogs at Day Care. He has had no problems
with any dog and is sociable and playful”.
 CATS: Neither Pat nor Lynn have the means of testing for cat interactions.

This beautiful boy needs a little continued work but more than that he needs a busy
household that will keep his mind active with lots going on. Dannie has lived with
dogs but he could probably live on his own provided he has lots going on in his life.
However, it would be the absolute icing on the cake if he could be rehomed with his
best friend Charlie.

He needs the security and deep love and the sense of belonging to a family that will
make him feel that he has finally ‘come home’ which is something that has been
sadly missing in his life for a long time.

2017 Irish Retriever Rescue