Jan and her mate Doug came from a home with a very elderly owner who was was
going into a nursing home and, of course, couldn’t take them with him.  IRR was
contacted to see if we could help. They have been together all their lives and have
a strong bond with each other. After receiving the necessary inoculations to travel to
the UK they were kept in owner foster for a month before being fostered for a few
days by Cathleen, one of our very experienced Irish IRR fosters.
They are being fostered by David and Alison in the UK.


They had no collars or leads so some had to be quickly purchased before travelling.
Poor  Doug tried to get out of the car when being put in it initially as he didn’t want
to be separated from his owner but they both made the 4 hour journey back to Dublin
with Kathryn and their fosterer, Cathleen who was going to be making them feel very
welcome in her home. 

They needed a serious groom as they stank and were matted so, the following day,
Jan and Doug were both treated to a feast of suds and cologne to bring back their
coats to their former glory, as both Cathleen and Kathryn went to work on grooming them.
After being thoroughly washed and dried Doug decided that he wanted to get into
the bathtub again and repeat the experience as he had enjoyed it so much.
When being washed, Cathleen noticed his eyes rolled back in pleasure as the warm
water washed the smell and dirt from his coat.

He then decided to lie on Kathryn’s legs as if to say ‘dry me, I am ready to be pampered.’
It made both Cathleen and Kathryn roar with laughter.
Jan was less relaxed and was stressed by the dryer so she had to be towel dried.
Shortly after her groom and after putting her in the car Jan’s new collar snapped and
she took off running. Only with the help of friends were we able to get her back – what
a scare! Doug on the other hand, had no intention of going anywhere and just looked
and flopped back on the soft bed in the car.


Doug is a neutered 9 year old cream coloured Golden Retriever with a mischievous
personality, and like most Goldens, he is very affectionate.  He and Jan received all
the necessary inoculations and veterinary treatment to travel to the UK.

Doug is a real flirt and once you have won his heart, you will be besieged with “cuddle
me I lurve to be cuddled, petted and pampered”. He is supremely confident provided
he realizes you want to be his friend and are kind (that doesn’t take him long to figure)
then he is just a dream!

David describes Doug as “ a super boy, great fun, very affectionate, likes company and attention but is well behaved. A real sweetie, with a happy smile and waggy tail.  A people dog. He has the most endearing face and purrs when stroked.

He is a little on the slim side and has poor muscle development especially on his rear end.
We are hoping increased rations (he likes his food) and slow build-up of exercise will improve this.

Doug very quickly settled into our household routine. He is happy to settle but will
whinge a little to be with you. He is a lovely calm boy but with a cheeky playful side. 
He adores fuss and likes to sit right next to you but he is not pushy”. 


HOUSETRAINED & BASIC TRAINING: Doug is housetrained has good manners and
basic training (sit, recall). He is food orientated and would probably counter steal given
the opportunity. He likes to check the fridge out with you.

GROOMING and HEALTH: Doug is a gentle boy who is happy to be brushed. He
came to us clipped around his back end but the fur is growing well and his coat is good
where not clipped. His ears are extremely dirty with black wax, not itchy but quite tender,
but Doug is still happy to have them cleaned even though it must be a little painful.

LEADWALKING: He is keen to go for a walk but pulls somewhat on a collar so we
will try him on a harness.

DOGS: Doug accepts other dogs and will play but he much prefers human company.


Jan is a spayed 9 year old cream coloured Golden Retriever with a very gentle
personality. She is affectionate but this sweet girl can be rather wary. She is
house-trained but is sensitive to shouting and can get a little worried.

When she arrived at Cathleen’s she went for a short walk and, on their return, a
large pink fluffy rug awaited them so she could relax. Initially, she sat bolt upright,
afraid to relax, but after a little while, she stretched out sleeping for a while then,
realizing that she was safe, she started to snore.

Although, she is nine, she is in great health and loves nothing better than playing and
rolling in the sunshine with Doug, her knight in shining armour.

She mixes extremely well with other dogs as she was with both dogs and bitches
at Cathleen’s where there is a menagerie of dogs with differing personalities but, of course, she is best suited as half of a pair with her best friend, Doug. 

David says Jan is “a sweet little girl, slowly coming out of herself and beginning to
gain confidence. She was very cautious when she first came. She seemed lost and
unsure. Although not defensive she was not confident. However, each day has brought
a bit more happiness and trust and she will now approach us.

She is noise sensitive but improving.This little girl appeared lost for the first 24 hours.
She was probably very tired and stressed from the upheaval in her life. She stayed
close to Doug and was not keen to approach humans. She showed no defensive
behaviour but just was not trusting. She has improved each day and now comes in
and out of the house without a lead and will accept a titbit and a little fuss. She will
wag her tail occasionally when we are speaking to her. She also settles in the same room now”.

HOUSETRAINED: Jan is housetrained
GROOMING and HEALTH:  Her ears were quite dirty but are now fine with no itching
or inflammation. Jan is overweight for such a tiny dog and under exercised with poor
muscle tone. She will scurry after a ball but spends a lot of time lying down. We are
unsure if there is some underlying  joint pain or she is just unfit and overweight.
LEADWALKING:  We have been for a short walk. She is very unfit but does not pull.
DOGS:Today, her 4th day with us, she has played with Daisy for a short while for the first time.


Jan and Doug need to be rehomed together as, although Doug is outgoing and full of
joie de vivre, the much shyer Jan gains her confidence from having her best friend close by.
Although Jan and Doug have been with an elderly person, there is no reason why a
family with older teenagers wouldn’t suit them provided they have plenty of interaction
with people and they feel reassured that life is good.

We at IRR are determined that only kindness and lots of love will be showered on them
for the rest of their lives and that a magical ending is in store for both of them.



2017 Irish Retriever Rescue