Fionn is an 18 month old, smallish, deep golden coloured Labrador.  He was groomed,
neutered and received the vaccinations to go to the UK.


Fionn was taken to the vets at 8 months old to be euthanized because of the
possibility of hip dysplasia. Apparently, the owner had tried to rehome him but to
no avail. The vet indicated to the owners that he wanted to wait till the pup was a
year old before any decisions were made.
The vet then called IRR hoping for the minor miracle that we could rehome him and
IRR, of course, agreed to take him on. When Kathryn saw him she was surprised at his
mobility which was really very good.
Fionn had only just started his life and it could have been over. However, miracles do
happen and Fionn, once under the wing of IRR, was safe from harm. He will receive
whatever medical assistance is necessary to make sure his life is long, happy and
totally pain free.
Sadly, through no fault of Fionn's, his UK forever home was unsuccessful but we still
do not expect to have any problem rehoming this boy and know that he will
have a wonderful life.

He has  a sweet personality, is alert and inquisitive and is everything that you would
expect from a young boy of his age. He shows a lot of affection and follows you round
closely. He can, at times, get under your feet as he loves to be with you but he will move
away when told to do so.
Initially, he  bounded around like a looney and wouldn’t sit still for a minute but he is
becoming much calmer, more confident and is simply playful and happy now, as a
youngster should be.   

His fosterer, Margaret, says “ He is in very good health.  Fionn has a history of weak
hips but has shown no signs so far. He knows some basic commands, is good at retrieve
and presents his ball in the sit position”
TRAVEL: He is happy and content travelling in the car.
HOUSETRAINING: He is housetrained
LEADWALKING: He walks loose lead on a slip lead. He enjoys his walks and loves meeting other dogs.
RESOURCE GUARDING: There is no evidence of resource guarding. He is not food or toy possessive. He enjoys a ball and will happily amuse himself with it.
SEPARATION ANXIETY: Unfortunately, he does suffer from separation anxiety.

ADULTS and CHILDREN: Fionn is good with adults and older children.

DOGS and CATS: He is very friendly with other dogs and has been living happily with a cat.

He simply needs a loving home with a family who are around most of the time and who
will spend time with him and show him that just because he may not be totally perfect
physically, he still has the chance of a wonderful new life. Having missed a lot of
puppyhood, he now wants to get as many adventures in as possible.
Fionn is a super dog who will make someone a wonderful pet. He has lots and lots
of love to give and just wants to be loved in return. He shows no sign of any
problems with his hips when he is out walking and playing so we hope it stays like
this for the rest of his life.

JULY 2017

Fionn has gone to live in his forever Home


2017 Irish Retriever Rescue