Harry is a rather gorgeous, castrated, 4yrs old Golden Retriever with a very distinctive
dark coloured flash on his face. As is normal, he was vet checked and received the necessary vaccinations to obtain his Pet Passport for entry into the UK.

He is currently in foster in the UK with David & Alison and their two female Golden Retrievers.

David says “This lovely handsome boy is fit and lithe and will need plenty of exercise
and stimulation but he is happy to settle and be left alone. He has made a welcome
addition to the family. He is very different inside to outside

He is unsure in certain situations and can over react to noise, movement and other
dogs, causing him to lunge and bark.  It may be he is not fully socialised
but he does learn quickly.

Harry needs time to assess situations.  He is not fully confident without reassurance but
he is willing to investigate if encouraged.  He can change from a calm dog to an
energetic one very quickly, acting much younger than his given age.

He can get himself wound up pretty quickly so he will need experienced handling”.

Harry is an extremely fit, healthy young dog,  He does have an unusual black
mark on nose.

                                                   SOCIAL LEARNING                                             
This gorgeous boy is a dog of 2 halves.

Indoors – He is a lovely dog to have about the house and is very nearly perfect.
Respectful, obedient, clean, settles well, can be left, likes attention but is not pushy
and he likes being groomed. He has a tendency to flinch or lie down to raised
voices or hands. He is a tiny bit submissive and needs reassurance that all is ok and
he is doing the right thing.

He is respectful at doors and his recall around the house and garden is good especially
when there are no distractions. He has made no attempt to move the child gates.

Outside – he will approach strangers quietly and gently in his own time.  He can over
react to noise, movement and other dogs, causing him to lunge and bark and he can
get wound up very quickly going from 0 to 10 in 2 seconds. 

TRAVEL: Harry is happy and content travelling in a vehicle
HOUSETRAINING: He is house trained
BASIC TRAINING: Harry is fairly well socialized and trained in basic commands. He
understands sit and down but he is unable to hold these positions.
LEADWALKING:  He is improving on a slip lead and body harness
RECALL: Harry is very responsive to his name and has the makings of a great recall.
He is very willing to please.
RESOURCE GUARDING: The toys are down sooner than usual as we are aware he
could be possessive with his toys, wanting all of them, so a close eye is being kept
but there have been no signs of  resource guarding or aggression.
SEPARATION ANXIETY: There is no evidence of separation anxiety. He settles
extremely well and is quiet as a mouse all night and he can be happily left on
his own once he is exercised and fed.
ADULTS: Harry is friendly with adults once he has been introduced to them.
DOGS:  He greeted our girls well and plays with Daisy (who is quite boisterous and
rough if allowed) whilst being respectful of  Bonnie.

He has mixed reactions to other dogs and we are in the process of learning what
affects him.  He can ignore some dogs but lunges towards others barking. We are
trying to work out if it is breed, temperament or their sex that affects him.

We think training will help and suspect he has not been fully socialised or has been
attacked whilst on the lead. Progress is being made but it will take time and an
experienced handler.

He quickly accepted a black bitch walking with us on a walk today. 

CATS: Unknown cats


Harry needs an experienced owner who has plenty of time and is willing to continue with
his socialisation and positive training. He will need regular exercise and stimulation.
He acts much younger than his age and seems to be quite immature in his behaviour.

He would probably be better in an adult home with  a steady canine companion who
can help him to settle in to his new life and who will show him the ropes.

This boy is so handsome and a pleasure to have about the house so the person who
offers him a forever home is going to be very lucky.

2018 Irish Retriever Rescue