Nina is a small, just over 1yr old Retriever Cross. As usual, she received all the
vaccinations necessary to obtain her Pet Passport for travel to the UK where she went
into foster with Marion and her dog, Elvis.


Marion described her as confident / alert and inquisitive / playful and happy and fairly
calm and laid back and said “She’s a great wee pet, a sweetheart, who just needs
to feel secure and loved. Any issues she may have are very minor.

Nina is a very dainty build. She is an energetic girl who needs a lot of exercise,
4 to 6 miles a day. She is on a high after a run and needs about 20mins to calm down
again before becoming a couch lounger. I think she would be a great Canicross dog.

Overall, Nina is a lovely, wee pet who would suit an energetic family. She is just what
I’d expect a nice bitch to be like”.


She is a very healthy girl. Nina had been nibbling her leg where she had had a blood test
but the sore on her leg is now healing.


TRAVEL: Nina is happy & content travelling in a vehicle

HOUSETRAINING: She is housetrained

BASIC TRAINING: She seems to be well socialized and has an idea of
basic commands

RESOURCE GUARDING: There has been no evidence of resource guarding. However,
Nina does inhale her food then calms down half way through. She can also be a counter surfer.

SEPARATION ANXIETY:  Nina has shown no signs of separation anxiety

LEADWALKING: She pulls slightly on both a slip lead and a body harness. She walks
loose lead with a halti.

When she first came, she was slightly startled when a lead was accidentally swung
close to her face.

RECALL: She has no formal recall and didn’t respond to her name but she doesn’t go
too far when off lead in a very secure area. She needs to burn off energy but is easy
to get back on lead after her runs. She is now responding to a clicker

ADULTS and CHILDREN: Nina is very friendly with adults and great with kids although
she will pinch their snacks.

DOGS: She is very friendly with dogs and plays well with Elvis.

She has been to the dog social area of our park and she coped very well, standing up
for herself with the bigger dogs.

She was not phased by the intimidating dog next door. Unfortunately, she has started to
copy Elvis who barks at other dogs when on lead so Marion is going to walk them separately

CATS: Not tested yet


Marion thinks Nina would love to live with an energetic family. A home where she could
also use her brain would be ideal. She would probably benefit from having a
slightly older and well socialized canine companion who would help her to further
adapt to living in her forever home as well as being a playmate for this lovely young girl.

2018 Irish Retriever Rescue