Pippa is a dark golden, 5yrs old spayed, Retriever. She received all the
vaccinations necessary to obtain her Pet Passport for travel to the UK where she
went into foster with Michelle and her little dog.

According to Michelle, Pippa has a beautiful temperament and character but, quite
clearly, she has never had any toilet training or affection. She is constantly looking
for some attention which she loves but, although she does like a lot of fuss and
attention, if ignored, she does lie down.    

She is a gorgeous girl with not a bad bone in her. She is a proper love monster but, if
you lean over her, she can roll onto the floor submissively. She needs to build up her trust
in people again. She loves her cuddly toys and her chewy bones.

Pippa was very restless, walking round and round. She is still a bit restless but, with a
lot of love and continued training, she will be a very loving, faithful dog.

Pippa is alert and inquisitive, fairly confident  and seems to be quite playful and happy.
She is fairly boisterous and energetic but she does not need a lot of exercise.

She will bark to tell you someone is by the house. She is slowly growing in confidence
but she needs a lot of love and attention and someone with a lot of time to dedicate to her..

Michelle says “She has improved with us over the last 10 days and is continuing to do
so. She is a beautiful girl with a very loving, eager to please temperament. With a bit
of patience and understanding of what this girl has been through, and a lot of love, she
has the potential to be a very well trained dog”.

Apart from a cold (sneezing and runny nose) she is in good health

: She is happy and content travelling in a vehicle and loves the car

HOUSETRAINING: She needs letting out regularly

Pippa does not pooh in the house but there has been occasional weeing.
Michelle says “I am watching Pippa’s behaviour beforehand and have noticed her
sniffing and circling. I am letting her out fairly often and rewarding her if she wees
outside. She does need letting into garden quite regularly as she obviously hasn’t
learnt to hold her water but, with time and patience, I am sure she will learn to do both.

BASIC TRAINING:  She sits and stays on command and now knows “come” and
“down”. She plays fetch beautifully

She will steal anything edible within reach and will eat it. She also tries to eat food
that is on the floor when out for a walk. However, Pippa is improving gradually on all points.

LEADWALKING: She walks well on a slip lead and is good on a halti and a harness.
She is still a bit frightened of traffic.

She is very alert and inquisitive especially when out on lead.

RESOURCE GUARDING: There has been no evidence of resource guarding. You can
take food and toys away from her with no problems.

SEPARATION ANXIETY: She can be left with no damage done but she can wee if left for a
long period (4hrs or so).

ADULTS and CHILDREN: She is very friendly with both adults and children.

DOGS:  Pippa is fine with our small dog but is apprehensive of large dogs and
sometimes groans although her tail is wagging. As she is still not happy with large dogs,
she is put on a short lead when approaching them. She will not bark unless
the other dog does.

CATS: She does not like cats or small furries like Guinea Pigs and would definitely go for
them given the chance.


She is an absolutely beautiful girl who is looking for a home with kind, understanding
people who are prepared to rebuild her trust with continued positive training
and love without smothering her.

People who are at home most of the time would be preferable. Pippa would
be happy living with another dog, especially a smaller one, but cats and
small furries are a definite no no.

Someone who is prepared to be fully committed to Pippa’s rehabilitation will, for sure,
be rewarded by getting a really lovely, faithful companion.

2018 Irish Retriever Rescue