Went to Rainbow Bridge 22.02.10

My beautiful boy has gone home.

My Buddy.

This gentle, calm, wise soul, I will miss so much.

He took everything in his stride, and loved life.

And those he met, loved him.

He is free now and can run and see again.

That is the only thing that matters.

With love



Five years ago Buddy ended up in a pound in Wales. Why he ended up there, is not known.  He was completely blind with a heart and bone condition.   Over the next two years and for various reasons, he was in 8 foster homes, and then back to the pound again.  Yvonne, a compassionate lady, saw him and took him in to try and find him a forever home.

 “He was a sad, unloved, unwanted, hopeless and helpless boy” she said.  

Fate brought him to me, through her. 


My neighbour-friends looked after him with much love, care and devotion during the day when I was at work.


They and others looked after him when I had to go abroad for business sometimes. 


He and I met a lot of kind and compassionate people.


Buddy and I had three wonderful years together, more than I had hoped for.


He was surrounded by love from his carers, friends and everyone he met. 

And he was a true buddy to me.

Yvonne said “when he left, he was a proud, splendid looking, loved by many, wanted, valued, gentleman dog”. 

And she was right. 

And for this I say “thank you so much to everyone”. 


He is remembered and that means everything.




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