Went to Rainbow Bridge 24 August 2010

Gizmo was a lovely little dog, . Ron got him from a couple when he was 2.5 yrs old. They had to go back to work full time, so felt that it wouldn't be fair to leave him on his own all day. The couple actually had another little female Shih Tzu called Kaya, the same age as Gizmo. Ron could not bear to separate them, so he got them both.    

Sadly Kaya died of Peritonitus at the young age of 5, so that left Ron and Gizmo alone until Ron met me on the internet in 2001. A year later he moved down from the Highlands of Scotland with Gizmo to live with me in Norfolk.     

Gizmo and I were mates from the beginning, it was like he had always been here. In 2006 we got Bridie as a puppy, Gizmo showed her the ropes and taught her how to respect other dogs. He was 12 then so not really interested in playing with Bridie as such until her 1st season of course, enough said on that!! 

He always  welcomed our foster dogs into our home as long as they didn't bother him, Gizmo would let them know if they went too far. Although he was only little he was the Boss   

He was our best friend right to the end, he was totally blind for the past 3yrs and suffered from epilepsy for the last 2yrs. It was last weekend that he suffered 5 really bad fits which left him hardly able to walk and when he tried he just fell over after a couple of steps. 

Ron and I had to make the very hard decision on Tuesday 24th August to give poor old Gizmo peace. 

May you be young again and free of all your earthly ailments our little man and meet up with your old friend Kaya once again at Rainbow Bridge.  

Rest in Peace little one until we meet again, you will always be in our hearts and I know you are only a thought away.         

Love from Mum & Dad & Bridie your friend who is missing you too.

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Gizmo's Poem - written by Wendy

I was a young dog when you gave me a home,
I was so happy with you that I would never roam.

You have cared for me and shown me so much love,
you were my Guardian Angels, with help from above.

We have been together for so many happy years,
and although I couldn’t see or hear, life held no fears.

But I was very tired and it was my time to go,
and I know that for you the tears will flow.

Bridie was a very special friend to me too,
and she will now need lots of love and attention from you.

I am now just like a puppy again,
I run and play and am free from pain.

I will always stay very close to you,
you will feel all the love that I have for you.

I will be just a whisper away,
and I will think of you each and every day.

Think of me as the sun that shines so bright,
or the stars that sparkle in the sky at night.

Thank you for being my very best friend,
and for being with me at the end.

I will never forget all that you have done,
I know to you I was such a Special Son.

Lots of Love from ‘Little Gizmo’ xxxxxxxxxx


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