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Paws Across the Sea was a fundraising event where our aim was to walk or swim at least the equivalent of the journey from Dublin to London using teams of dogs and their humans. As you will see, we had a brilliant response and IRR can't thank enough all who supported us.

On completion of the walk or swim, all participants received a lovely certificate and their names can all be found on the Paws Map.

Dogs (IRR & non IRR) completing their own private walks for sponsorship pocket money also qualified for a certificate and their full name on the Paws Map and many kind people, often without dogs of their own, also very kindly sponsored us (see below) .

The final amount was in excess of £3,000 so we raised enough to clear our huge debt for Maximillian's operation and to raise some money to help with the ongoing funds of our Forever Foster dogs at the time Annie, Bonnie, Holly, Maximillian, Molly and Monty.


Nellie's walk was for the oldies and in memory of a special friend (opens in new window).



Swimmers Page

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Walkers Photo Gallery (Updated)


All at IRR would like to thank these very kind people who sponsored our walkers and swimmers:-

Nick Thompson M.R.C.V.S. (Holisticvet)

Anete Lee Petersen (remembrance candles)

Oliver, Jean & Don Turner in memory of Audrey Corey
Audrey would have been overcome with emotion I think had she known this would happen and that in a very small way she had helped an animal charity. She was a lovely lady who was full of fun in her younger days and forever wanting to help animals, not infrequently taking in the odd stray.

Kate Morgan and Andrew Philpotts
Valerie Bamber
Jean Morgan
Mike & Gina Richardson
Pauline Anderson
Dave Waygood
Peter Waygood
Renata Waygood
David Waygood (baby)
R. Littell
L. Littell
S. Littell
Sue Mann
Phil Mann
Lauren Mann
Charlie Mann
Mary Rush
Pam Jacklin
Paul Espron
Andrew Kennedy
Graham Copeland
Kyra Kozemchak
Sophie Harrison
Keith Jackson
Mike Blake
Jasmine Amnehlia
John Buckley
John Stocker
Graeme Adamson
John Brosnan
Gemma London
Cathy London
Mary Talbot
Katie Talbot
Martin Rogers
Lesley Atkins
Andy Crisp
Sharon Sandle
Ted Cosway
Rich Humphreys
Dan Jefferey
Harry Malins
Rogan Dixon
Danielle Taylor
Louise Heywood
Caroline Hussey
Natasha Whitlock
Chris Darcey
David Shaw
Tracy Pennells
Cadimhe Anderson
Ian Dowler
Martin Elbourne
Julia Constantakis
Mark Taylor
Jeff McCray
Sarah Muggleton
Emily Cody
Simon Chelton
Alison Charlton
Graham Daniel
Chris Arnold
Ania Leonard
Catherine Palmer
Maria Edwards
Tilly Horton
Ruby Horton
Mr & Mrs B Horton
Eileen Mawhinney
D Mawhinney
J Mawhinney
C Markon
C Dobney
N Harrison
S Lynch
Timber Cole
Brian Milford
Mary & Brian
Eric Farquaharson
Humphrey Emes
Toby Emes
Sarah Cole
Alex Cook
Cathy Darcey
Chris Darcey
Kevin Hamill
Ross Ewell
Tracey & Wendy
Sylvia Rahy
Diana Parsons
Alan Matthews
Joanne Bishop
The Mare & Colt, Kidderminster
Colin Douglas
Serco Home Affairs staff
Lynne & Mikkel Frost-Breuning

Suttons Seeds and


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