The Overall Winner of the 2016 Irish Retriever Rescue Photo Competition,
as chosen by our independent judges, is
Amy Hodgson with her winning photo in Class 2.

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Overall Winner

Amy Hodgson

 Class 1 – Super Pups (under 1 year old)

Sponsored by Eileen Newman in Memory of her Beloved Bracken
who was always kind to babies

Barbara Wilson

No 10

Class 2 – Young Stunners (age 1 to 8 years)

Sponsored by Julie Granger in Loving Memory of Ricky Three Legs

Amy Hodgson

No 52

Class 3 – Maturing Incredibly Well (age 9 years and above)

Sponsored by Belinda and Terry in fond memory of Stella

Lorraine Johnston

No 26

Class 4 - Angels at Rainbow Bridge

Sponsored by Wendy Waygood in loving memory of Kerry and Honey

Alan Gibson

No 18

Class 5 - Dogs in Action

Sponsored by Pauline Jefferey in memory of Barney whose life was
always action packed

Sue Hewitt

No 6

Class 6 - Dirty Dogs!

Sponsored by Pauline Jefferey in memory of Ricky and Eddie who
loved nothing better than rolling in mud

Olga Bushell

No 4

Class 7 - My pet photo (taken by child 12 yrs and under)

Sponsored by Gizmo's Dog Meet friends who kindly donated their
pawket money on 21st August 2016

Max Breuning

No 1

Class 8 - Caption It!

Sponsored by Gwen Flynn in memory of all my boys at Rainbow Bridge,
who all knew how to make me laugh!!

Liz Roberts

No 45

"Him? No he doesn’t need any more room!"

Class 9 - How can you sleep like that?

Sponsored by Sandra Dalmeijer in memory of Buddy, her very special boy.

Jo Pointer

No 12

2016 Irish Retriever Rescue